Buffalo Trace - Layers of History



Exhibit Video


Animation & Compositing


In August 2017, Buffalo Trace debuted a new tour showcasing three sites on the distillery property which explore Col. E.H. Taylor Jr.’s legacy. It included their newly-discovered and restored building dubbed, “Bourbon Pompeii”. Nomadic Studio collaborated with Matt Goodwin to create this informational video for the Buffalo Trace Old Fire Copper Distillery as an introduction piece of the tour. Using a combination of footage from excavation, historical documents and lithographs, the video brings the ruins of the O.F.C. Distillery to life. Nomadic Studio aided in the animation and compositing of the end sequence of the video. Specifically, Nomadic Studio was responsible for the pull-back shot of the illustrated map of the Buffalo Trace property, the animation of schematic diagrams, the animation of the E.H. Taylor Jr. signature, and the compositing of key art on the cover of the book. The video was part of a production by Joanna Hay who wrote and directed it, and Jordon Ellis provided the sound design. The piece is currently being displayed at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky and is used as an introductory video for all visitors who tour the distillery.  Bottoms up!

Photos of the  Buffalo Trace OFC Distillery


Original Artwork of OFC Distillery