SOL REPUBLIC - 2019 CES Display booth visuals


Nomadic collaborated with SOL Republic to create this eye-catching visual to supplement the physical products on display in their 2019 Consumer Electronics Show booth. With the experience of working with SOL Republic in the past, Nomadic had a clear sense of what they were looking for and exactly what they would need from a visual standpoint to enhance their booth. A clean design involving dynamic 2D animation paired with 3D animation and photo-realistic renders was the recipe for executing SOL Republic’s vision. Once the 3D models were textured, lit, animated, and rendered, they were composited with the energetic 2D animation to complete the final 5760x1080 piece. This video played as a constant loop, was stretched across a wall of three 4K monitors, and provided the main source of color and ambiance to SOL Republic’s 2019 CES Booth.


Exhibit Video


Editorial, 2D Animation, 3D Animation & Compositing